Monument of 100 anniversary of the Declaration of Independence of the Albanian State

On 28 November 2012 the Albanian people celebrated the 100 years of independence from the Ottoman Empire and thus the anniversary of its founding. On this occasion, in the capital, Tirana, a monument was erected as the ceremony officially opened. In the design of the two-part open building structure architects were inspired by the traditional architecture of an Albanian living and defense tower (Kulla). The monument in the form of a broken cuboid combines symbolic cultural characteristics with historical elements, such as the Albanian double-headed eagle and an engraving of the Declaration of Independence.

Earlier this year these architects took part in an international competition, which was launched by the Albanian government and the National Gallery of Art. Under 66 competitors entries from Albania, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Iceland, Canada and Spain, selected by the 9-members international jury, made ​​them a winner.

Location: Bulevardi Dëshmorët e Kombit
Tirana, 1001
Building status: built in 2012
Site type: urban

A project by: Visar Obrija; Kai Roman Kiklas


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