Prison-Turned-Boutique Hotel In Netherlands

het Arresthuis 1

Adaptive reuse is a buzz term of sorts that combines big topics like “urbanism”, “sustainability,” and “program” to both good (the High Line) and bad effect. We’re unsure where this prison-turned-hotel in the Netherlands lies on that plane, but we’re guessing it’s closer to the “bad” end of things. After closing its doors in 2007, the Het Arresthius (literally “the Judgement House”) prison in Roermond was purchased by the Dutch hotel group Van der Valk and converted into a boutique hotel, the Het Arresthuis Hotel. Dating back to 1862, the prison was most recently used as an emergency facility for “bolletjesbajes,” or in plain English, drug-smuggling body stuffers—cozy!


“Here is the key card to your prison cell, don’t lose it.”

The building’s rather colorful past is subsumed into the new interiors’ flashy hues of fuchsia. Guests pass through the original doors of the 105 former jail cells to find contemporary furnishings, and can choose from four luxury suites—grimly named The Jailer, The Lawyer, The Director and The Judge. So, pack your suitcases, folks. Packages for Easter start at €89 per night!


“Isn’t prison fun?”


Original prison-cell doors give you an authentic experience

het Arresthuis2


het Arresthuis4

het Arresthuis5

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