Bathroom In The Nature


It’s the outhouse refined. The “Superlative Space” room (original Japanese name: gokujo no heya) is an immersive installation that brings the garden into the bathroom, or vice-versa. Designed by architect Naruse-Inokuma Architects and botanical artist Makoto Azuma for the HOUSE VISION 2013 in Tokyo, the room is quite the head trip, a jarring collage of organic plant life, cold white walls, and pristine bathroom fixtures. The latter were furnished by TOTO, who, along with window maker YPP AP, sponsored the project. The room is part of a 1:1 mock-up house, one of the nine that make up the exhibition.


All photos: Makoto Azum

The expo, which pairs design brands like Muji and industry leaders like Honda with Japan’s best and brightest architects such as Shigeru Ban and Toyo Ito, envisions what the home of the future and the sustainable technologies embedded therein might look like. Naruse-Inokuma’s installation is an easy standout, both visually stunning and perplexing. You don’t know where the space begins or ends, as the pockets of green shrubbery become swallowed up by a homogeneous white substance, i.e. the room’s perimeter walls and floors.

HOUSE VISION runs through March 24, 2013.





[via Spoon-Tamago]

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