180-Foot Tall Portrait In Honor Of Oscar Niemeyer

Last December, the world mourned the passing of Brazilian architect/legend Oscar Niemeyer, who died at the age of 104. Nearly two months since his death, the famed architect’s legacy has shown no sign of slowing. Marked for its daring use of concrete and curvaceous forms, Niemeyer’s work in Brasilia and around the world was key to the development of a robust kind of modern architecture.


Graffiti artist Eduardo Kobra is taking his own steps to honor the beloved architect. Kobra’s towering mural of Niemeyer plasters the side of a building in Sao Paulo’s financial district. The work features colorful patterns and geometric shapes—some of which cite Niemeyer’s trademark forms—that overlap and collage into an endearing portrait of the master, his hands folded beneath his well-known visage. Kobra is due to complete his 180-foot tribute to Brazil’s greatest architect very soon. Click through to see more pictures of the commemorative portrait.




Photo: Reuters photographer Nacho Doce, via The Atlantic Cities

[via theatlanticcities]


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