“Self-Portraits” On The Edge

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If history or the internet have taught us anything, it’s that people like photos of people hanging off the tops of buildings. Photographer Ahn Juhn‘s Self-Portrait series finds her frolicking at the edges of rooftops, tip-toeing along window ledges, and just basically defying all laws of good sense and self-preservation. More photos after the jump.


All imges: Ahn Juhn

Despite the very real dangers the images depict, Ahn isn’t a thrill-seeker (or an urban explorer or whatever). These are not documents of bravado or spirited youth. Ahn neither smiles nor wears any expression of panic, but rather lies in repose, seemingly unaware of or even unmoved by the death-defying acts she is performing. Her demeanor is apathetic only to a point, while she also appears contemplative, which lend the portraits a strange poignancy. There’s frailty here—brilliantly illustrated by Ahn’s small frame and the city towers it foregrounds—but also much strength and courage.








[via Mymodernmet]


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