Common Bridge Forms

1. Simple Supported Span – effective from 10m-60m

2. Continuous Span 10m -100m

3. Balanced Cantilever  – span from 25m to 200m

Balanced Cantilever Bridge

4. Balanced Cantilever Suspended Span – span from 50m to 300m

5. Steel Truss – 50m to 100m

6. Stone arch bridge– from 15m to 50m


7. Concrete arch bridge

Concrete Arch Bridge

8. Steel Arch (framed or trussed) – from 150m to 500m

Steel Arch Bridge

9. Cable suspension Bridge– from 400m to 1500m

Cable Suspension Bridge
10. Cable stayed (multi-spanned) – from 50 to 500m per span

Cable Stayed Bridge

11. Cable stayed span – from 200m to 800m


One response to “Common Bridge Forms

  1. WOw … very much interesting post . I thought civil engineers do not use internet … 😀 lol …. Only me in the web . However , I have a course this semester “Design of Concrete Structures” … It is related to your post somehow …. Thank You . I will be following you from now for a civil engineers thoughts , lifestyle , works …etc

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