Hydro Power Projects

From cruise ships in Sicily to wind farms in Egypt, photographer Rüdiger Nehmzow has traveled the world in search of oft-unseen monuments to industry and engineering. His Hydro Power Projects series in particular captures a marvelous clash between man and nature, as sweeping landscapes are tempered with equally transcendent works of infrastructure. 

Nehmzow investigates his subjects inside and out, tunneling underground into bunker-like control stations, trailing construction workers up various kinds of scaffolding, and hovering over the monumental structures that boldly contend with some of nature’s most impressive forces. In these images, we see man in his forthright attempts to conquer his environment, erecting concrete titans articulated with simple geometries but on a colossal scale. These are landscapes of power, images that ride on our wildest imagination by magnifying the point where two opposing forces collide. Through a Piranesian lens, Nehmzow finds the sublime on the outskirts of civilization.

[All photos courtesy the artist]


One response to “Hydro Power Projects

  1. You are a great engineer … wow … I am studying civil engineering too but you have much more interest than me ….. Good luck man … I am really pleased seeing your posts .

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