The World’s Best Shopping Malls

Happy (?) Black Friday. For the competitor shopper, it is probably the greatest day of the year, one marked by ritualistic preparations (queueing up at 2 AM) and redemption (10% off that plasma TV!). For others, it’s all rather soul and potentially even body-crushing, and most definitely not worth it. If you’re of the latter opinion, we’ve got your back. We’ve rounded up some of the best shopping malls in the world, from Beijing to Frankfurt, and from such big-brand name architects as Daniel Libeskind and Zaha Hadid–all for your entertainment. Have a look,  sip some cold beer, and lounge in a comfy sofa. And revel in your smart decision to stay indoors.


Westside Shopping and Leisure Center
Designed by Daniel Libeskind
Bern-Brünnen, Switzerland


Tokyo Plaza Omotesando Project
Designed by Hiroshi Nakamura
Tokyo, Japan


Designed by Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas
Frankfurt, Germany


Galaxy SOHO
Designed by Zaha Hadid
Beijing, China


New South China Mall
Dongguan, China
9,600,000 square feet. 2,350 retails spaces–only 47 occupied



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