Flowing Boulevard Urban River Tirana Masterplan

flowing_boulevard_urban_river_c300312_9.jpg (800×390)

Building Tirana’s GREEN Future

Tirana Northern Boulevard and River Project

International closed competition, Tirana, Albania


Design: Cino Zucchi Architetti (team leader), One Works, Gustafson Porter with Buro Happold London, Antonello Stella Architects

The center of Tirana is marked by a clear urban layout, but its recent growth filled up a large area around it without any order, structure, adequate services or meaningful public spaces.

flowing_boulevard_urban_river_c300312_10.jpg (800×660)

In the Tirana Boulevard proposal, the voids rather than the buildings become the catalysts of new urban regeneration, attracting public and private functions around a sequence of green spaces of high environmental quality. The extension of the boulevard into a lively green promenade progressively opens up to the beautiful landscape of the hills across the Tirana river.

flowing_boulevard_urban_river_c300312_11.jpg (800×640)

A set of new public buildings articulate its central portion, creating a new grand esplanade at the junction of the new proposed tram lines and a series of smaller squares in relationship with the existing urban fabric on the two sides of the new boulevard. At the end of the axis, a green terrace overlooks the river, the new artificial lake and the leisure areas climbing their way to the new Paskuqan lake park.

flowing_boulevard_urban_river_c300312_12.jpg (800×748)

If the previous extension of the main axis aimed to extend the growing city structure outwards, the new portion of the boulevard brings the landscape which surrounds Tirana into the heart of the city fabric, generating a new urban environment capable of hosting all the activities and needs of a fast-growing capital and to constitute a vital and loved backdrop for the daily lives of its citizens.

flowing_boulevard_urban_river_c300312_1.jpg (800×390)

flowing_boulevard_urban_river_c300312_2.jpg (800×705)

flowing_boulevard_urban_river_c300312_4.jpg (800×390)

Tirana Masterplan – Building Information

Architecture, Urban Design (team leader): Cino Zucchi Architetti

Planning, Road and Public Transport Planners: One Works

Landscape Design: Gustafson Porter


Structural and building services engineering, Environmental and Sustainability strategies, Infrastructure Engineering: Buro Happold London
Architectural proposals: Antonello Stella Architects

flowing_boulevard_urban_river_c300312_6.jpg (800×390)

flowing_boulevard_urban_river_c300312_8.jpg (800×390)

flowing_boulevard_urban_river_c300312_13.jpg (800×533)


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