Top 10 Awesome Pumpkin Designs

So what better way to (further) celebrate one of our favorite holidays than by sharing some super rad pumpkin-themed designs? From rotund orange buildings to elaborately carved jack-o’-lanterns, here are ten awesome, spooky, or just plain weird homages to our favorite gord.


The Pumpkin Palace
Burbank, California

The “Great Pumpkin Building” started out as a dance hall called the Pumpkin Palace in 1927. The enormous round structure would serve as a beer garden, a cafe, a gospel church, a real estate office, and a hardware store before being torn down, probably in the 1950s or ’60s.


Pumpkin Building at Mother Goose Land
Lagoon Park, Utah

Mother Goose Land, a children’s park that opened in 1956, featured a large pumpkin shell (inspired by “Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater”) that offered refreshments and souvenirs.


Pumpkin House and Garden, Dallas Arboretum
Dallas, Texas


LEGO 3-D Jack-o’-Lantern


Pumpkin Room by edg Creatives
Beijing, China


Triceratops Pumpkin Sculpture
Hudson Valley, New York


Wellington International Airport
Wellington, New Zealand


Kenova Pumpkin House
Kenova, West Virginia

Sice 1975, Ric Griffith has decorated the front of his Victorian house for Halloween with more than 3,000 pumpkins every year! Don’t worry: He doesn’t have to carve all the jack-o’-lanterns himself; hundreds of his community members volunteer to help with the mammoth task.


Pumpkin House
Flower Mound, Texas


Death Star Pumpkin


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