toyoito1803(1)eUntil his third year of high school, Toyo Ito’s passion was not architecture, but baseball. Fortunately for us all (and almost assuredly for the Pritzker laureate himself), he soon switched career paths. […]



womenLooking back on architectural history, you could be forgiven for thinking that women were an invention of the 1950’s, alongside spandex and power steering – but this couldn’t be further […]




iniemey001p1Oscar Niemeyer, the last architect of his kind and of an entire architectural period, has died. He passed away yesterday in Rio de Janeiro, just ten days shy of his 105th birthday. Niemeyer had been hospitalized multiple times this year, … Continue reading →
00f/51/arve/g2035/098Le Corbusier was born Charles-Edouard Jeanneret-Gris in Switzerland on October 6, 1887. In 1917, he moved to Paris and assumed the pseudonym Le Corbusier. In his architecture, he chiefly built with steel and reinforced concrete and worked with elemental geometric … Continue reading →

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