Need To Know

Architecture and Civil Engineering have interesting inventions and incredible stuff you NEED TO KNOW. Check them out!

Grand_Prince_Hotel_Akasaka_shrinkingAs the Atlantic Cities best describes, “Leave it to Japan to turn one of the dirtiest and noisiest processes of the urban lifecycle – the demolition of highrises – into a neat, quiet and […]

1357487657--c--cowbite-375x500The future of design requires thinking innovatively about the way current construction techniques function so we may expand upon their capabilities. Sustainability has evolved far beyond being a trend and has become […]



buildingcodesBuilding codes are a set of rules that must be followed to satisfy the minimum acceptable levels of safety for buildings and non-building structures. The objective of building codes is to […]


dome-home-600x399Though they were fierce, the biggest disasters of the past 100 years have in no way conquered the wits of architects and engineers. Here’s a quick tour of eight projects, […]




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